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NCP Starter Kit

A set of NCPs (honeycomb- & square-pattern) and a medium supplement

 NanoCulture plates have two types of microstructures, micro-honeycomb (MH) and micro-square (MS). Some cell lines favor MH than MS or vise versa. In that case, researchers need to evaluate the suitable one for their experiments.

 Again, some cell lines can not form tight/compact spheroids because of their character i.e. cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) expression. Researchers who are using the low/- CAMs expressing cell lines may need a lot of time for establishing their 3D cell culture conditions. We have a special medium supplement which may recover this problem.

 So, we have launched a culture kit, named NCP Starter Kit, for the researchers who are facing difficulties in 3D cell culture. This kit consists two components, NCPs (Low-Binding MH and MS pattern 96-well plates) and NanoCulture Medium Supplement (10x), with a reasonable price.

Product Name Cat.# Contents Qty Storage Document
NCP Starter Kit NCP-SK96-2 NanoCulture Plates
(MH and MS pattern,
Low-Binding, 96-well)
2 plates
(LH96 & LS96)
NanoCulture Medium
10ml -20℃ Handbook