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Q.401 – How long is the shelf life of NCP?
Date of expiry is printed outside of package. It is recommended to check the date before using the plate.
Q.402 – How should I store NCP?
Please avoid the light and store at room temperature. Please do not store inside the clean bench, because NCP degrade quickly by UV light and will lose spheroid formability.
Q.403 – There is a scratch on the culture surface. Can I use it?
Culture surface may be damaged by scratching with the tip of micropipettor, etc. This scratched part cannot be used for 3D culture, so please do not use the well when the culture surface is damaged.
In case of scratch on the plate bottom (the other side of culture surface), it will not affect 3D cell culture, however it may affect the observation.
Q.404 – Can I use the plate stored inside a CO2 incubator?
Yes, it can be used, however, sterility cannot be guaranteed.
Q.405 – Can NCP be kept in a freezer?
Though there is no problem with NCP quality, keeping inside a freezer will not extend its expiry date.
Q.406 – Are there any reagents that cannot be used with NCP?
Please avoid long time contact with 100% ethanol or 100% methanol. However, there is no problem when contacting with methanol for a short time (around 30 minutes).
Q.407 – What is the shelf life of NCM?
Shelf life of NCM after thawing is 1 year with storage condition of 4-8℃. After adding FBS, it is 1 months.
Q.408 – How should I preserve NCM.
Please preserve both basal medium and FBS below -20℃. Please preserve at 4℃ after thawing, and please avoid freeze-thaw cycle.
Q.409 – The received NCM is yellowish than usual. Can I use it?
NCM is delivered refrigerated with dry ice. In some cases, frozen basal medium may become yellowish due to the dry ice, however it will become normal after thawing and has no affect with culturing. Please move to the freezer immediately after receive. If it remains yellowish even after thawing, please contact us.
Q.410 – Is spheroid dispersion solution stable for freeze-thaw cycle?
Please avoid freezing/thawing cycle. We recommend to aliquot when using first time, and store inside freezer. Please store the thawed dispersion solution in a refrigerator, and use as soon as possible. Please do not preserve the dispersion solution when diluted.